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Comments on Comments on Harvard Research Study on the blood sugar level in the U.S.NXT Nutritionals Holdings, , a developer and marketer of proprietary, patent-pending healthy natural sweeteners, food and drinks, published comments on a new study from Harvard in the Public Library of Science Medicine Journal Vol April 2009. The study found that high blood sugar is one of the most common killers of Americans to come, as the fifth most deadly killer, after tobacco, high blood pressure, overweight / obesity and physical inactivity.Robinson JW, Donnelly BJ, Siever PER, Saliken JC, seriousness SD, Rewcastle JC, Trpkov K., Scott C, Thomas W cancer. 2009 August the eighteenth Epub ahead of print. Doi: 10.1002/cncr.24523 with editor of Christopher P. FACS Posted.

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