The group from the TNO Institute for Applied Scientific Study carried out a study of 529.

In Holland home birthing is an option which is encouraged and a third of moms choose to possess their baby this way and the research uncovered that among ‘low-risk’ ladies who planned to give birth at house there is no difference in death or serious disease rates among either infants or moms. Professor Simone Buitendijk who led the study says they found that for low-risk mothers in the beginning of their labour it really is just as safe to deliver at home with a midwife since it is in medical center with a midwife. Professor Buitendijk says the outcomes should strengthen policies that encourage low-risk women at the onset of labour to choose their own host to birth.It’s a 4-day women’s plan for cancer survivors and the oncology professionals who help them throughout their journey with malignancy. Through a variety of workshops, group and lectures activities, the retreat focuses on the many the different parts of wellness, how to feel whole in body again, mind and spirit, and on advocacy: how to take their encounter at the retreat and bring that positivity back again to each participant’s own community.