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‘We have an extended history using TomoTherapy technologies and have noticed the benefits they provide cancer patients, so we are eager to together explore further scientific advancements. ‘ Furthermore to its role in advancing radiation oncology and patient care, this master study and collaboration agreement bears particular significance for Accuray since it represents an opportunity for expanded collaboration captured as a result of Siemens’ exit from the radiation therapy business. Siemens has a longstanding collaboration arrangement with University of Heidelberg for both radiology and therapeutic radiation oncology research. With Siemens’ exit from the linear accelerator business, as announced within the business’s November 10, 2011 news release, the University of Heidelberg shall continue to collaborate with Siemens on imaging research, while Accuray will now provide as a therapeutic radiation oncology study partner.Retrospective research from France, the uk and the Netherlands had similar outcomes. These data led the U.S. Cooperative groups to perform the prospective C10403 study. Biological disease factors apart from the treatment also play a role, the researchers explain. High initial white bloodstream cell counts, or the presence of minimal residual disease following the first month of therapy, had been linked to poor outcomes. Two-season event-free survival for sufferers with a leukemia-particular molecular genetic profile indicating aggressive disease was 52 % in comparison to 81 % for individuals who lacked the genetic alteration. ‘With these brand-new insights, we are able to now focus future scientific trial study to build upon the C10403 routine and evaluate new targeted agents to eliminate minimal residual disease in adults with ALL and additional improve their long-term survival,’ Stock said.

2010 Mainz University Meeting to focus Interdisciplinary Neurosciences The 2010 Meeting of the Mainz University Research Focus on Interdisciplinary Neurosciences will be held on ‘Cognitive Enhancement – Ethics and Culture’.