The report calls commonly held stereotypes about border families.

– ‘This report presents a detailed portrait of children along the border and throughout the country to correct some common misconceptions about the region,’said Corey Newhouse, Children Now is the Senior Policy Associate and co-author of the report. ‘It is absolutely critical that all Californians, especially of government policy, the facts of this large segment of the state child population to know. ‘.. The report calls commonly held stereotypes about border families. For example, only half of all border kids come from immigrant families – families with at least one parent born abroad. In addition, 93 percent of all children live in families with border at least one working parent, learners national proportion, and the vast majority of children of immigrants at the border – 81 percent – are U.S.

The full report is available to the public free of charge online atchildren now work is a nonpartisan research and advocacy organization, to increase children ‘s well-being at the forefront of the national agenda. The organization focuses on ensuring quality health care, a solid education and a positive media environment for all children. Children Now ‘s strategic approach creates awareness of the needs of children develop effective policy solutions and engages those who can pass a change.The Hopkins insights , published in the January issue the magazine accident Analysis & Prevention , provide strong evidence for the connection between DWI story and the risk of accidents among pilots.

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