The research was supported with funds from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Barker true. ‘If we can block induced factors proNGF, we can protect neurons that would normally be lost. We believe that these findings may eventually translate into clinical benefits in diseases such as glaucoma. ‘.. The research was supported with funds from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research , the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario and Bayer Canada. Federal funding was also provided by Hayward Canada Research Chair in Molecular Hemostasis and Paterson, Canada Research Chair in the Genetics of Complex Diseases. Scientists have now may trigger more attention to the damage proNGF ‘Once retinal neurons die, they gone forever and the permanent loss of these cells blindness, ‘warns Dr. ‘for for the researchers to investigate whether proNGF signals can be controlled,’says Fr d ric Lebrun-Julien, first author and a doctoral student at the Universit de Montr al Department of Pathology and ? Cell Biology.

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