The technique was previously been reported as successful in a porcine model

Patients and MethodsThe aim of this prospective single-center clinical study was to assess the feasibility of MAG – ESD for large early gastric cancer in humans read more . The technique was previously been reported as successful in a porcine model. Twenty-five patients, mean age 70 years, with early gastric cancer measuring u003e 20 mm in the gastric body were on an inpatient basis for an ESD at the National Cancer Center Hospital, Tokyo, examination table.mate goal achieve an achieve an en bloc resection .

None of the patients experienced physiological or mental abnormalities as a result of magnetic field exposure either during the procedure itself or the follow-up interval. No adverse effects been observed even delayed allergies because of the stainless steel of the magnetic anchor. Eight weeks after an MAG – ESD, all artificial defects caused by ESD were completely healed. Neither recurrent cancer nor distant metastases were observed in any of the patients during follow-up.

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