The three-step study tested 25 subjects.

‘However, the blind man stand out when it comes to cognitive effort. ‘.. The three-step study tested 25 subjects, 11 of whom were blind from birth the participants completed a questionnaire and experiments experiments: one where to 16 different to 16 different scents with an olfactometer, nor where tomodensitometer tomodensitometer to three different odors were identified:. A rose, vanilla and butanol There is an urban legend that blind people smell better than the sighted We have to prove this to be wrong, ‘says Maurice Ptito, Professor at the Universit? de Montr? al School of Optometry and Beaulieu – Lefebvre thesis director.

The sighted.nd smellA recent study by Mathilde Beaulieu – Lefebvre, a graduate student from the Universite de Montreal Department of Psychology, has debunked the blind the blind have an acute sense of smell than the sighted. Vision loss simply makes blind people pay more attention to how they perceive smells. When you enter a room, the coffee the coffee, you’ll quickly look for the coffee machine, the blind person, who in the same room just the smell of coffee as information, says Beaulieu – Lefebvre. This odor is therefore become very important. Their spatial representation .Critics of the payments for the health say there promote overuse of services due to doctors and other be paid for each procedure for each procedure or tests.

The CBCT scanning produces three-dimensional images during at in a more natural state. The patient is are in an scan CBCT is on stomach on a cushioned exam table. Whose construction will be improved – is suspended as a breast at a time through an opening in the table. The radiation source is such that the exposure to the chest, or other areas of the body can be avoided positioned.