Third of Oxford University s revenue and expenditure

Oxford University Medical Sciences Division is one of the largest biomedical research centers in Europe, it is almost. Third of Oxford University ‘s revenue and expenditure, and two-thirds of its external research income more info . Oxford world renowned global health program is a leader in the fight against infectious diseases and other prevalent diseases . Key to success is a long-standing network of dedicated Wellcome Trust-funded research institutions in Asia and Kenya, and work at the MRC. Unit in The Gambia, long-term studies of patients around the world are supported by basic science at Oxford and have many exciting developments, including potential vaccines for tuberculosis, malaria and HIV, conducted performed in clinical trials.

Modified naturally occurring viruses have already had important applications in medicine including their use as vaccines, especially for measles, polio, influenza and chickenpox. They as potential as potential cancer-killing therapies, in an approach called virotherapy. Lesley Walker, Cancer Research UK ‘s director of cancer information, the viral DNAecades of research has already led to the development of new and exciting approaches to treating cancer in a more targeted and efficient way.

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