To listen to the corporate-run mass media tell it.

#1) Organ harvesting from genetically modified, patented pigsNeed an upgraded heart or lung? No worries, mate! Monsanto will grow you a fresh one utilizing a genetically modified, trans-species pig that grew up on GMO animal feed and put through organ harvesting while it was still alive to keep the organs fresh. Your government-approved, Medicare-funded transplant will be handled by among the top U.S. Hospitals, which are, today even, engaged in black market organ trafficking and unlawful transplantations deeply. #2) Behavioral vaccines that rewire your brain to remove dissentDisobedience is a disease! And the remedy for disobedience will be a new vaccine that biologically rewires your brain to cause you to more socially appropriate to the controllers.‘They’re going right through flocks more regularly and looking for medical signs. The directive also prohibits exhibitions at county fairs, swap meets, petting zoos and sales. North Dakota, Pennsylvania and West Virginia had blocked poultry shows in their state and county fairs already. The Ohio State Good shall prohibit poultry from affected states. The other day, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts signed a state of crisis declaration after federal agriculture officials determined another farm in the state had tested positive for the bird flu virus. The assay has an accurate picture of disease position in 10 minutes. Using a easy to use, portable, quick test, clinicians can monitor patients in ‘real time’ supporting quicker decision making. The November 2007 problem of Mayo Clinic Females's HealthSource presents a fresh understand this old practice and how it is being incorporated into Western medicine.