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UT Southwestern,n Search-and-destroy antigen for deadly skin cancer by UT Southwestern researchersUT Southwestern Medical Center researchers are studying a new antigen to see if it detect and kill cancer cells in patients with recurrent melanoma, the leading cause of deaths from skin cancer preço do priligy more info .

UT Southwestern is the one of 50 sites nationwide the study the study and are actively recruiting patients, melanoma, the lymph nodes affected affected. The participants will be monitored over a period of five years after receiving a series of injections. We are interested talking to anyone, melanoma that has spread to her lymph nodes, Huth said. MAGE-A3 had some responses in some melanoma patients in Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials, and we now want to see in this phase 3, when something happens in a larger population. .

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