Vladimir Semiglazov.

When crossover individuals were excluded, the median general survival was 56.5 months in the pertuzumab group and 34.7 months in the control group . Investigator-Assessed Progression-free Survival In the investigator-assessed intention-to-treat analysis, events occurred in 284 of 402 patients in the pertuzumab group and 320 of 406 patients in the control group . The outcomes of subgroup analyses had been consistent . The medians were unchanged from the May 2012 interim analysis .5 Duration of Response The duration of response was independently assessed in patients with a confirmed partial or complete response during the primary analysis .Screening-detected cancers accounted for 24.1 percent of colorectal cancers in the intervention group. Among participants with screening-detected cancers, 82.8 percent of the cancers were distal, whereas among participants who were never screened, 52.8 percent were distal, and among individuals with cancers not detected by screening, 31.6 percent were distal . Participants with screening-detected cancers had been more likely to have early-stage tumor than participants who were never screened or those whose tumors weren’t detected by screening . Incidence and Mortality According to Location and Stage of Malignancy Table 4Table 4Colorectal-Malignancy Incidence and Mortality Relating to Location and Stage.