Were recalled on October 25.

Mouthwash and contaminated medical equipment tied to earlier B. Cepacia infections This is not the first time a personal care product provides been contaminated with B. Cepacia. In 2005, the CDC learned that several states got clusters of pneumonia and various other infections due to the bacteria, which ended up being linked to contaminated mouthwash. Over-the-counter nasal spray was linked to B. Cepacia infections in 2004, while that same year medical tools and solutions utilized for intensive treatment unit patients were associated with the gram-negative bacteria. The antibiotic-resistant bacteria can be transferred by direct connection with contaminated surfaces, exposure to B.IDA ARV Procurement Solutions B.V. Since its start in 1972 International Dispensary Association Foundation supplies essential medications and medical products to more than one hundred low and middle class countries. The Foundation’s principal aim can be to facilitate the access to quality assured medicines at the cheapest possible price in developing countries and to areas in distress. In 2003 IDA Foundation decided to create another 100 percent daughter company for the procurement of ARV medications plus tests and monitoring products.