Whom is he hoodwinking?

Appear at what this intrusive, draconian new health care law has recently done to seniors: spending budget cuts, elevated taxes on medicines and medical devices, increased taxes on your investment income, and guidelines that cause physicians to stop taking Medicare patients.’.. Whom is he hoodwinking? Cutting $500-800 billion over 10 years is like slicing all Medicare to all recipients for 18 months. Smart seniors know that you cannot have the same level of medical solutions with such draconian spending budget cuts. PPACA is usually neither protective of sufferers, nor affordable.We have also identified an optimum dose to take into a larger Phase 2b study, preparations for which are underway,’ stated Dr. Robert Shalwitz, Chief and SVP Medical Officer of Akebia. ‘We believe AKB-6548 can offer patients a treatment option that mimics the body’s natural response to hypoxia, including erythropoietin production in a highly controllable manner and a well-coordinated iron response. These are key characteristics that are unavailable with today’s standard of treatment.