With EliATM Gliadin IgA and EliATM Gliadin IgG is able to offer health experts Phadia two reliable.

Both types of gliadin antibodies are of particular importance for the diagnosis of celiac disease in children under two years. With EliATM Gliadin IgA and EliATM Gliadin IgG is able to offer health experts Phadia two reliable, state of the art assays the accurate diagnosis the accurate diagnosis of celiac disease, even among the very young. Dr. Stefan Eschbach Dr. Stefan Eschbach, General Manager of Autoimmunity at Phadia, This month’s start EliATM Gliadin IgA and EliATM Gliadin IgG , coupled with our ongoing efforts at the forefront of clinical diagnosis of celiac disease show Phadia unwavering commitment to this disease area, improving the quality of life for celiac patients and their families, and always the needs of the needs in health care, in in us.

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