With many established products and services helping patients in more than 90 countries.

The company’s products and services are focused on rare inherited disorders, kidney disease, orthopedics, Transplantation medicine and diagnostic testing. Genzyme ‘s commitment to innovation continues today with a substantial development program on these fields as well as immune disease, infectious disease and other areas of unmet medical need.. With many established products and services helping patients in more than 90 countries, Genzyme is a leader in the development and application of advanced technologies in the life sciences.

The National Kidney Foundation 2003 K / DOQI Guidelines for Bone Metabolism and Disease in Chronic Kidney Disease recommend sevelamer hydrochloride as a first-line treatment option to control phosphorus. Renagel is the only phosphate binder available that do not contain either calcium or a metal. It is an established safety profile is not systemically absorbed and provides phosphorus control without the concerns of the calcium or metal accumulation. Renagel more than 350,000 people more than 350,000 people worldwide.They can move the entire emperors Daily Health policy coverage, search the archives and log in to email supply in Emperor health news. ‘Earlier attempts regional electronic medical records were in establishing exchange through costs of buying computers and software, the absence of a uniform technical standard to exchange information and discussion on the how at to date Best protection the privacy of the patient. Limited expert said development of interesting ‘symbolical ‘value of (Darce, were.. From the Henry J. Electronic Records Sharing Program For Some in San Diego PatientsThis information was brought out of kaiserhealthnews.org courtesy from the Henry J.

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